Static Design / Miscellaneous Class Projects

School Management App Redesign Project


Wireframing; custom date range selector

Student Selection Slide-under Panel (Concept)
High-fidelity rendering

Life Journey Map

I produced a life journey map for CMU's Design Principles & Practices class, choosing to communicate areas of my instruction, physical location, musical output, and employment.

Human Factors in Paper Cutter

Poster and video created for CMU's Design Principles & Practices course, identifying instances of human-centered design and human factors within a common paper cutter.


I created a foam core octahedron during a day of physical craft building. After researching the correct dihedral angle, I calculated the correct distance away from each edge to cut at an angle to produce the exact angle required.

I drew a 3D version to determine which sides to cut to produce the correct flattened map.

The box required a lid which I fit by cutting friction tabs. I created a single central triangular affordance with which to remove the lid.

This was described by the professor as an exhibition of "impeccable craft".

Typographic Poster

The goal of the project was to start with undifferentiated text and only introduce one new parameter for each iteration.

The gallery on the left starts with the final products and goes back in time with a selection from each iterative step.