Motion Graphics


For CMU's Design MA Studio I: Visual Communication Fundamentals, I produced two motion graphics animations using After Effects.

I produced an HPV Vaccination PSA in a group with one partner. We researched the problem space together and I did 90% of the animation as well as refining the few scenes my partner created and provided me.

The background music is also my own composition.

Storyboard ideation:


For my first production with After Effects I was tasked to communicate a design principle. To challenge myself I decided to depict how apparently 3D elements can be created in 2D.

100% of the output is my own, including the music. Every pseudo-3D effect is exclusively 2D, save for the rotating cube.

Storyboard ideation:

Human Factors Prototyping with Motion Tracking

I produced a motion prototype of a caution bar for an enfeebled, AR-toting person. I shot and motion-tracked the footage, resulting in very smooth output.