Motion Graphics


Experiment with cloth physics in Unity

Visuals for my music output as Optia

Explored establishing spatial context with blur and opacity

Used programmatic expressions for generative movement


For CMU's Design MA Studio I: Visual Communication Fundamentals, I produced two motion graphics animations using After Effects

I produced an HPV Vaccination PSA in a group with one partner. We researched the problem space together and I did 90% of the animation as well as refining the few scenes my partner created and provided me.

The background music is my own composition.

Note: confined by the research area, this sex-ed PSA contains illustrations of nudity for medical accuracy.

Storyboard ideation


For my first production with After Effects I was tasked to communicate a design principle. To challenge myself I decided to depict how apparently 3D elements can be created in 2D.

100% of the output is my own, including the music. Every pseudo-3D effect is exclusively 2D, save for the rotating cube.

Storyboard ideation

Human Factors Prototyping with Motion Tracking

I produced a motion prototype of a caution bar for an enfeebled, AR-toting person. I shot and motion-tracked the footage, resulting in very smooth output.