Miscellaneous Interface Design Journal Ideation (prior to grad school)

The following are concepts I've begun to explore on paper. 

In the first page I look at possible interaction models with touchscreen pressure sensitivity (a la 3D touch) and simulated physical properties (inertia, friction, etc). Later on I hypothesize necessities for above-screen finger tracking to allow full z-axis interaction.

On the third page I theorize about a touchscreen music organization tool that better fits the way I conceive of my music collection. I run into questions about relating spatial adjacencies.

On the fourth I explore an image editing paradigm wherein an image's histogram is represented cylindrically, where each radius is a different hue's histogram. The overall model is editable such that small, precise touch events focus upon smaller swaths of the spectrum and larger, softer touch events tweak more aspects to a lesser degree, allowing fine control over the photo's color.

The last two pages cover a map representation concept wherein the visible horizon (from the mapowner's current location) is displayed as a (likely jagged) line overlaid on a top-down view of the geography. It allows rapid identification of far-off mountains and provides a true sense of scale and context which is often absent from digital maps.